New image of classical furniture

This year, the Xianyou County Labor and Employment Center and the Fujian Classical Furniture Association have trained more than 1,000 mahogany shopping guides for the Xianyou classical furniture industry.

As the capital of Chinese classical furniture, there are more than 2,600 woodcarving and classical craft furniture manufacturers in Xianyou County, with more than 80,000 employees. In 2012, the output value accounts for half of the national market. The products are sold to more than 30 countries and the world. Country and region. As such a national or even global classical furniture production base, it is particularly important to build a brand and enhance its image.

The mahogany furniture shopping guide is a window for the “Xian Zuo” products directly facing consumers. The mahogany wholesalers and consumers all over the world come to Xianyou. First of all, they must understand the characteristics and charm of “Xian Zuo” furniture through a window of shopping guide. . However, among the thousands of classical furniture guides in Xianyou County, the skill level is uneven. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out standardized training and management for them.

In order to serve the local specialty industry of classical furniture production and wholesale, this year, the Xianyou County Labor and Employment Center and other departments decided to invite the experts to pay for free training of thousands of shopping guides. The training content includes shopping guide business etiquette and basic knowledge of mahogany furniture. , sales psychology and exhibition practice. Train a group of high-quality practical and skilled talents for the sale of classical furniture, and polish the "window image" of Xianyou classical furniture.

It is conceivable that in the near future, when these well-trained and professional guides are active in the major stores of Xianyou Classical Furniture, when they teach the unique value and human origin of Xianyou Redwood for dealers from all over the world, They are themselves a living "business card" that will greatly enhance the external image and competitiveness of the Chinese classical furniture capital.

Special report by Guangdong Home Network .

Material :Natural gray quartz 

Size       :Random size 
Shape   :Irregularity 

Packing :H fumigated strong wooden crate.

The wooden crate size is made as the container size . After loading the wooden crate in the container ,the wooden crates will nearly same size with the width of the container .It can make the wooden crate not have space to move during transport . In this case ,it can keep the stone safety mostly

Castle Stone

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