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Open deep groove ball bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-07-17

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Open deep groove ball bearings are suitable for high speed and even high speed operation; and they are very useful; no need to protect them frequently. The friction coefficient of this type of bearing. 俑撸 俑撸 俑撸 胄 胄 胄 胄 胄 胄 胄 胄 胄 胄 胄 τ τ τ τ τ Latent 怼 5. 驮胍舻缁 (2) 怠 20. 谐 耙 耙 慊 慊 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 幸 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢 嘀岢.
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