Orange red safety helmet with blue overalls running men's group lead protection new trend

Recently, I discovered that many children and adults are fascinated with watching the show, "The Brothers Run," and sometimes they inadvertently discovered that the effective imitation of men's Feng Shaofeng orange-red safety helmets with blue overalls appeared on the street. They did not Not corporate employees, wearing clean, carelessly walk through the streets and alleys, attracted many passers-by to wait and see, eyes revealing the ambiguous and confused eyes. Because many people know that this person's dress is based on the star of the TV program.


Perhaps it is because programs such as “Run Brothers” have great expansion, knowledge, and special interest, so they already have many loyal fans across the country. Whether it is a child, a middle-aged person, or an old man, as long as the program is on air, all the livelihoods in the hands of the people will be immediately laid out. They will sit around in the TV Festival. The family members are watching it with relish.

In this episode, everyone saw the scene in which Feng Shaofeng, a member of the running male family, dressed in blue overalls and an orange helmet, was both cool and angry.


People will wonder why he will be dressed up in a very relaxed program. However, all the viewers who read the show know that there are many dangerous links in this program, which are thrilling and exciting, and also have certain risks. There are also many Technical content is inside. In particular, there are high-altitude games in the game, as well as hoops and other dangerous feelings. As the program is outdoors, for the sake of safety, the orange-red helmet has greatly increased people's degree of intuition. The blue overalls also enhance certain wind-proof and dust-proof, and also greatly enhance the safety of the actor. performance. In this game show, people have acquired a lot of outdoor knowledge, learned knowledge from running men, uniforms and safety helmets bring us safety, and there are other uses, that is cool.

Next, let's talk about the match between orange helmet and blue overalls. In this kind of match, no matter what kind of occasion, it appears to be full of vigor and vitality, but also appears to have a great sense of security, especially greatly encouraged all viewers who have watched this show. Moreover, the staff who regularly wear such work clothes are more likely to feel that the orange helmet and blue workwear are also attractive. Of course, in addition to this work clothes, all the work clothes can be used together with such an effect, not only because the celebrity wears on the body to play the most vivid, everyone in life can.

Because the companies that make overalls are more and more professional and their quality is getting higher and higher, as far as the stars are concerned, in addition to Feng Shaofeng, Huang Wei and other stars also like to wear overalls. In fact, more and more people are beginning to fall in love with the comfort of work clothes. Such fabrics do not wrinkle, have high degree of protection, are easy to remove, have certain moisture absorption and perspiration functions, and can be worn on many occasions.

At present, the style of work clothes is getting closer and closer to people's daily life. Whether they are working or working, because the quality of work clothes is getting higher and higher, the style is novel, and the colors are diversified, so there are already many people in real life. It's just like wearing work clothes when you're off work. Workwear, as a necessity in people's daily life, has spread throughout everyone's life.

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TB/T 3306.1-2014        GB18173.1-2012


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