Painter's solid wood coating still needs to be upgraded

In recent years, looking back at the proportional relationship between panel furniture lacquer and solid wood furniture lacquer, it is easy to see that the share of solid wood furniture is increasing and the momentum is relatively fast. This trend has become more apparent this year. The development of panel furniture users has been forced to reduce the paint orders due to inventory pressure, while the orders of solid wood furniture users are still growing steadily. Some of the larger panel furniture users are also asking us about the addition of solid wood series.

For consumers, solid wood furniture can indeed avoid the formaldehyde that may exist in the panel furniture adhesive. Moreover, the harmful substances in the paint, except for the heavy metals that may remain, are volatilized in the process of furniture manufacturing and paint film formation. Therefore, the main crime of solvent-based paints is the damage caused by organic volatiles to the natural environment. The environmental protection trend of paint products is manifested in two aspects: one is material substitution type environmental protection, and the other is process improvement type environmental protection. The government and enterprises are looking forward to the water-based wood lacquer. The nickname of nitrocellulose lacquer belongs to the former, and the use of UV lacquer belongs to the latter.

In the production process of solid wood furniture, the painting process is always a bottleneck. The only hope to break this bottleneck is the use of mechanized construction and UV lacquer. However, as we all know, solid wood furniture is more complicated than the shape of plate furniture. It is impossible to roll and coat. It is impossible to use, that is, the use of spraying can only solve the curing problem, and the grinding efficiency is still low. If one day, the aesthetic orientation of consumers changes, like the European and American countries, the pursuit of solid wood furniture with thin film, even like the ancient Chinese people appreciate the use of paint, as long as the wax-coated solid wood furniture, the painting bottleneck of solid wood furniture will be overcome, The superiority of solid wood furniture can be more fully manifested.

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