Provincial Work Safety Administration: Strengthening Work Prevention and Control of Summer Occupational Hazards

The Hebei Provincial Bureau of Work Safety has recently strengthened the work regulations for prevention and control of occupational hazards in the summer. It requires all production and business units to implement funds for preventing and controlling heatstroke, improve ventilation facilities, and provide adequate heatstroke prevention and personal protective equipment. Actively use technical measures and self-protection measures, and take measures such as local ventilation, heat insulation, and cooling to conduct comprehensive prevention and control. Strengthen occupational health education training and self-examination work to prevent summer heat and cool down the loopholes in a timely manner so as to prevent problems.

The regulations require that the high-temperature operation prevention and control measures for new construction, reconstruction, and expansion projects must meet the national requirements for high-temperature operation exposure limits. Before the advent of high-temperature weather, health examinations should be conducted on workers who have high-temperature operations. Those who suffer from heart, lung, cerebrovascular diseases, tuberculosis, central nervous system diseases, and other physical conditions that are not suitable for high-temperature and high-humidity operations should be removed. High-temperature, high-humidity jobs can not be transferred from the job temporarily, and it should be strengthened to prevent heatstroke protection measures. Where there are high-temperature, high-humidity operations and open-air operations in summer, the production and operation units in the workplace must earnestly implement various heat-stroke cooling measures as stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations and the Hygienic Standards for the Design of Industrial Enterprises.

During high-temperature weather, according to the production characteristics and specific conditions, while ensuring the quality of work, it is necessary to properly adjust the summer high-temperature operation labor and rest system, increase rest time, reduce labor intensity, reduce high-temperature time operations, ensure safe production, ensure that the occupation of employees Health, safety and life safety. To strengthen the protection of female workers and juvenile workers, women workers who are pregnant should not be arranged to operate outdoors in hot weather above 35°C and at workplaces with temperatures above 33°C, and minor workers must not be allowed to open-air operations in hot weather above 35°C. And the "high temperature operation classification" in the third grade above the high temperature workplace operations.

The production and business operation units may not deduct or reduce the wages of the employees due to reasons such as stopping the work at high temperatures and shortening the working hours. The production and business operation units shall arrange for employees to work in the open air under high-temperature weather (days with a daily maximum temperature of 35°C or higher) and fail to take effective measures to reduce the operating site temperature to below 33°C, and shall pay high-temperature allowance to the employees.

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Standard compliances :
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ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 CAT 6;
ISO/IEC 11801 CLASS E 2nd Edition;

CENELEC EN 61156-6;

CENELEC EN 50173-1;

CENELEC EN 50288-5-1, CENELEC EN 50288-5-2;

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