Renovation Raiders detailed to warm tile or wooden floor is good

Floor heating is currently a popular heating method. It uses a low-temperature floor heating medium to form a gradual temperature gradient from the bottom of the foot to the head in the room, giving the user a comfortable feeling of cooling his feet. The selection of surface materials for floor heating is also very knowledgeable. Can a good decorative material make the floor heating more comfortable and effective? Many families have been puzzled after laying the floor, but they are beginning to wonder what kind of floor is best for warming. Some people say that the use of wood floors is good, because the wooden floor insulation effect is good; some people say that the use of ceramic tiles is good, because the thermal conductivity of the tiles is good. So in the end for home users, warm tiled flooring good or better it? Following Xiaobian look at it.

Warm floor tile or wooden floor

To thoroughly understand this question, we must first understand the basic requirements of the ground heating source for the dissemination of media - that is, adapt to cold and heat repeated transformation, a small amount of deformation; conducive to heat conduction; moisture-proof and waterproof.

The floor heating system achieves the purpose of heating by heating the ground. Long-term high-temperature heating evaporates the water of the object, leading to its bending and deformation. In terms of the first condition, because of the low moisture content of the tile, the stability of the tile is more prominent and better than that of the floor. From this point of view, it is better to lay tiles than to lay wood floors.

Speaking of the thermal conductivity of the medium, in fact, it should contain two parts, namely the heat dissipation and heat preservation of the floor material. This is an inconsistent body. From the aspect of heat dissipation, the heat dissipation of wooden floors is not as good as that of ceramic tiles. However, wooden floors are more insulating than ceramic tiles. Tiles usually reach the required heat faster, while floors require 1 to 3 hours depending on the material and thickness used. Relatively speaking, the same temperature, when the floor is turned off, can be maintained at a higher temperature for a longer period of time in the house with wooden floors.

For moisture-proof and waterproof, the ceramic tile is obviously more moisture-proof and waterproof under the same environmental conditions.

From the above three points of analysis, it seems that laying ceramic tiles is better than laying wood flooring, but the factors that may be considered in real life are not just such as environmental requirements, aesthetics and comfort. Therefore, for the floor tiles to be warm or wooden floors are good, the final choice depends on each consumer's specific concerns and personal preferences.

Warm installation precautions

1: Be sure to find a construction team with professional knowledge of floor heating. "Three-point floor, seven-point installation", the effect of amateur decoration team spread out is self-evident.

2: The floor heating system must be checked for sealing before installation.

3: The ground must be dry (can be judged by experimental phenomena). The moisture content of the cement floor should be less than 1.5%. The indoor humidity should not be too large. Regardless of whether there is geothermal heating or not, the ambient humidity is preferably around 60 degrees before and after installation.

4: No nailing is allowed on the ground during construction. After construction, the ground is also prohibited from nailing to prevent damage to the heating coil.

5: Before laying laminate flooring, EPE composite film (EPE composite film must be marked with special words for floor heating) is used to isolate moisture and release moisture from the skirting board around.

6: The keel should not be laid. The small thermal conductivity of air will affect the cooling effect and may damage the pipe.

7: When the floor is laid, special glue must be used for floor heating to increase the time and effect of use. Moreover, the glue basically does not have to worry about the emission of harmful gases.

8: Leave expansion joints between the floor and the wall, and use a skirting board that is thicker than the current floor.

9: The pavement and the skirting board must be installed in two separate steps. 48 hours after laying the floor, the glue is completely dry, and the skirting board is removed after removing the fastener.

10: The floor can only be warmed after 24 hours of installation.

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Floor tiles to warm the floor

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