Renovations need to pay attention to three common mistakes in kitchen renovation

Although the overall design of the kitchen is becoming more sophisticated and functional, it is almost perfect, but you still need to carefully grasp it, otherwise you may still have problems. The following author will introduce to you the mistakes of the three decoration renovations in the kitchen decoration. The friends who are going to decorate in the near future rush to learn.

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One mistake: Can't see it in the hood

Ms. Li: I am a full-time housewife. When the new home is renovated, the kitchen is the most troublesome for me. My home kitchen is an imported brand, with a beautiful appearance and complete functions. The only regret was the choice of a thin flat cooker hood. What was fancy was its appearance, but now it is found that its smoking ability is too weak. For a meal, the taste in the kitchen is so great that it can't be dispersed for a long time. Wanting to change the range hood is too much trouble, not changing and can not solve the problem of smoke, I am very distressed.

Designer: When the whole kitchen of the imported brand appeared in the market, the appearance of the range hood and the harmonious design of the whole kitchen made people shine. Indeed, the flat body design is simple and stylish. Although the price is high, it is still very popular in the market. However, it is not suitable for Chinese cooking, frying, cooking, frying cooking, because the collection hood is too shallow or there is no set hood, too late to spill out of fumes spread. Over time, greasy will adhere to the cabinet or wall. Kitchen hygiene becomes another headache for you.

To solve this problem, it is recommended that you change the dark hood type hood. This type of model includes deep or deep cabinet type, all set deeper (larger volume) hoods. When the fan is running at a high speed, a certain negative pressure zone is formed above the fume hood, which is used to absorb fumes that are too late to be pumped out, and acts as a buffer, thereby eliminating the phenomenon of spillover of a large number of fumes.

Second mistake: The layout of the operation area is irrational

Ms. Wu: The distance between the kitchen sink and the side wall of my kitchen is less than 10 cm. It is next to the stove, and there is almost no place for the operation of the cutting board. To cook a dish, wash the dish on the right side of the cooktop, and then chop the dish to the left of the cooktop, back and forth, especially uncomfortable. Originally, the house's water pipes and gas pipes were lining up together. When the cabinet companies designed them, they installed stoves and sinks directly on the nearby pipelines to save trouble. I really regret that I didn't think about these details at the beginning, causing an awkward situation now.

Designer: There are many readers who have reflected to us the troubles of Ms. Wu. However, if you want to fundamentally solve this problem, you may have to change the channels and change the table.

Renovation of the kitchen must emphasize practicality. Not only should a rational arrangement of the operating area be combined with the operation process, but also the height of the countertop, the height and thickness of the cabinet, and the brightness of the lights must be adjusted according to the specific needs of the owner. The opinion of the "head chef" at home is very important. After considering the whole matter as much as possible, it will be further discussed with the cabinet designer.

Our designers are designed to achieve their own ideas, but to really feel the convenience of the operation, more is the need to combine the owner's personal experience and life experience.

Three mistakes: impractical pine wood countertops

Mr. Zhang: During the renovation, in order to pursue the rural style I like, the cabinets are designed to be open-style. There is no cabinet door, and the coarse burlap curtain is used for sheltering. The countertops of the cabinets also give up the finished tabletops and the rustic ones are selected. Pine boards are made to be spliced ​​and installed by the workers at the site. Finally, waterproof paint is applied to the countertops. I thought that waterproofing should be no problem, but it may be because pine wood is a solid wood material, it will inevitably have water, shrink gradually after dehydration, leading to more and more cracks in the place where the table board is handed over, and the glue will not help, and when the table has When water accumulates, the water seeps into the cabinet. Now I can only change the table to solve the problem.

Designer: It seems that Mr. Zhang is indeed too idealistic. The countertops of the pine boards look very cool, but after all, the kitchen countertops are the places where the most contact with water, and the wood is a material that is easy to absorb water, so the cracking deformation is a matter of time. Now that the design style of the country style is positive, so the materials of this style in the building materials market will become more and more complete. You can choose suitable materials instead of solid wood. The practicality and beauty in the decoration are always a contradiction, but as long as the materials are chosen correctly, this contradiction can be balanced well.

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