Safety helmet lateral stiffness tester operating instructions

A, helmet lateral stiffness test machine for testing purposes <br> <br> helmet lateral stiffness test machine is used for performance testing helmets lateral rigidity.

Second, safety helmet lateral rigidity testing machine should have the function
1, "GBT2812-2006 helmet testing method" stipulates that the test device consists of a universal material testing machine and two 100mm diameter metal plate. Metal plate hardness must ask 45HRC;

2, the use of stainless steel lever, thread free lifting drop, easy to operate, simple;

3, the use of high-precision dedicated pressure sensor can display the measured force value and automatically latch the maximum force value;

4, using high-precision electronic ruler, automatically display the test distance, resolution 0.1mm, strictly meet the standard requirements;

5, measuring the maximum displacement range of 230mm (displacement display accuracy 1mm), measuring the maximum force range of 750N, fully meet the test displacement and force requirements in the standard;

6, can automatically set the time, time display accuracy is 0.1s

Third, safety helmet lateral rigidity testing machine operation precautions

1. The operator should read the operating instructions of the helmet lateral stiffness tester first, and be familiar with the basic performance and operation of the instrument;

2. The power supply for this instrument is a single-phase AC power supply. It must have a reliable grounding wire to avoid danger.

3. Lay flats of the helmet lateral stiffness tester during the test;

4, the instrument storage must be strictly prohibited fireworks, eliminate fire, should set fire extinguishing equipment such as carbon dioxide;

5. The operator should wear protective clothing and protective gloves during the entire operation to avoid being stabbed or burned.

6. Fire helmet lateral stiffness testing machine must be strictly prohibited in the storage area, to prevent fire, should be placed on carbon dioxide and other fire fighting equipment;

7. The helmet lateral rigidity tester is equipped with an electronic ruler and a lower limit warning device. When the rotary lever has a buzzer, stop and reverse the lever to avoid damage to the electronic ruler. If necessary, adjust the upper and lower of the electronic ruler. Limits.

Fourth, the helmet lateral stiffness tester preparation before the test
1, ready for the test helmet samples;

2. Prepare a sample of the results.

Fifth, safety helmet lateral rigidity testing machine instructions:

1. Turn on the power and allow the instrument to warm up for 10 minutes.

2. The force value is cleared before each test and can be pressed on the instrument;

3. The length display value shows the actual distance between the upper and lower plates;

4. Set the "Time" on the panel to 12 minutes. According to the height of the side of the helmet, use the lever to lift the upper plate to a suitable position, and place the prepared helmet on the side between the two flat plates with the brim as far as possible and close to the plate.

5, gently turn the lever through the upper plate to pressurize the helmet, exert a force of 30N in the vertical direction of the tablet, while pressing the "Time to start" button, keep 30s, record the plate spacing at this time as Y1 30s . Then load at 100N/min up to 430N for 30s. After 30s, record the plate spacing as Y2. Then, the load was reduced to 25N at a speed of 100 N/min, and the load was immediately increased to 30 N at a speed of 100 N/min for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the distance between the plates was recorded as Y3. Press the "Timer stop" button to clear the timer.

6. Record the possible damage phenomena. Calculate the difference between Y2 and Y1 as the maximum deformation. Calculate the difference between Y3 and Y1 as the residual deformation. The measured value should be accurate to 1mm.

7. At the end of a test, continue the test and repeat the above steps. If no test is required, turn off the power switch and unplug the power plug.

Sixth, determining eligibility helmet lateral rigidity <br> <br> accordance with the standard "GB2811-2007 helmet" 4.3.3 predetermined maximum deformation (difference Y1 and Y2) does not exceed 40mm, residual deformation (Y3 and The difference of Y1) does not exceed 15mm, and the cap shell must not be detached as a shred of the helmet; otherwise, it is unqualified.

7. Maintenance of safety helmet lateral stiffness tester 1. Ensure that the safety helmet lateral stiffness tester and accessories are complete, and do a good job of daily maintenance and maintenance;

2. The equipment and equipment management personnel must be familiar with the performance of the equipment and equipment, as well as the operating procedures, improve the equipment technology files, and properly keep the equipment's technical data and instructions;

3, keep the instrument clean;

4. If there is any abnormality in the helmet lateral stiffness tester, do not handle it privately. You can consult our company by telephone and carry out renovations under the guidance of our professional staff.

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