Sample coatings should be cautious

In the home store, in order to allow consumers to easily identify the quality of the paint at the time of purchase, the merchant usually opens some paints and finally treats them at a low price. These sample coatings are favored by many consumers because of their high quality and low price. However, the sample coatings are not worth buying in the end. Is the quality guaranteed? Is it different from the original price? Recently, the reporter took the above questions and conducted a survey and visit to the provincial home market.

Citizen: Low sample coating price

Mr. Liu, a provincial city citizen, just bought a house this spring and was anxious to get married, so he followed the decoration of the house. Mr. Liu said: "I feel that home decoration, material environmental protection is the most important, especially paint, and I have to live in it soon after I have finished loading. I have seen it before going to some high-end home stores. For me, the price is a bit high. Later, the price is a bit high. A friend recommended to buy sample paint. I compared it. The price is really cheap. I bought it later."

In the randomized home market, the reporter learned that the price of each barrel of paint varies from 300 yuan to 800 yuan, and there are also thousands of yuan, and the price of sample coating is about 5-7 percent of the original price. Down, it can be a lot cheaper.
Merchant: will not be returned

According to a paint salesperson, these sample coatings are not only cheap, but have been placed in the store for a period of time. The harmful substances such as formaldehyde contained in them have actually evaporated a lot. In comparison, they are more environmentally friendly than genuine coatings. This is why consumers choose to buy it.

In the interview, the reporter also found that in addition to the environmental problems mentioned by the above sales staff, the merchants often inform or have the prompt "sample promotion, will not be returned" when selling sample coatings. It is understood that the warranty and terms of the sample coating are the same as the new one, but cannot be returned. Because the price of the sample coating itself is already very low, and most of them are only one, so there is no way to exchange the goods, otherwise the manufacturer will have to re-adjust the production line. When it comes to the return problem, the sales staff said that as long as it does not affect the use, it will not return. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, the manufacturer can be responsible for the repair during the warranty period.

Expert: Not recommended to buy

So, is the sample coating more environmentally friendly as described by the salesperson? Is the quality guaranteed, and is it worth buying?

In this regard, Director Li of Taiyuan Interior Decoration Association said that from the price point of view, sample coatings do have certain discounts, but in terms of quality and brushing effect, it is recommended that consumers should buy regular-priced products, relatively speaking, positive The price of the product can be more secure in the later use, and the sample coating has no advantage in the return service. The release rate of formaldehyde is relatively slow. Even if the sample coating has been opened for a period of time, it is impossible to completely release the formaldehyde. It is recommended that the owners should let the wall dry after an emergency.

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Label: Sample paint purchase should be cautious

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