Security Intelligence Analysis People/Car Identification Application

In the security industry, it is able to promote rapid iteration of machine vision and intelligent analysis technology. The strong driving force lies in the increasing demand for intelligent analysis by the market and users. At present, public security and transportation, as hot industries of application, have the best effect in improving the case detection rate and traffic management.

In terms of detection and identification of humans, there are dozens of categories of intelligent detection and analysis that can be provided by surveillance cameras, including the age and gender of people; descriptions of head features such as wearing masks, glasses and hats; Upper body features such as long sleeves, color and texture of clothes; lower body features such as long shorts, skirts or shorts, colors, etc.; other features such as backpacks, boxes, etc. In this regard, Gling knows that Tan Yong believes that the more features a company can detect and identify, the more complex the detection and analysis can be, and the higher the accuracy.

At present, face recognition has obtained many successful application cases in static scenes and dynamic scenes. Suzhou Keda Technology Co., Ltd. Qi Dongqin mentioned that face recognition in security dynamic scenes has more market than static scene applications. It can realize long-distance, fast and non-contact warning of key personnel in the video based on the face photos in the video, and it can be applied to crowded public places video monitoring systems such as stations, airports, subways and other key places and large supermarkets. It can collect and analyze video images, capture real-time comparisons of faces, and actively identify key personnel in the monitoring scene to realize the control and identification of key personnel.

In addition, in retail, hotel, conference, commercial buildings and other applications, face recognition technology helps merchants to achieve accurate analysis of passenger flow from “statistics” to “attributes” to “behavior”, in order to obtain more offline Data dimension, using big data analysis to guide the precise marketing of merchants, to promote the transformation of the retail industry from the same products and services to all people, to the same products, different services to specific people. At the same time, the use of face recognition technology to bring a more intelligent management experience to enterprises and parks. For example, through the face recognition technology productization, the traditional scenes such as face recognition gates, access control, and conference sign-in bring management efficiency and convenience.

Compared with human detection and analysis, the vehicle's detection and analysis is more mature. The main reason is that the shape characteristics of the vehicle are relatively fixed, and the features such as license plate, model and body color have not changed. The camera does not have face when moving. There may be artificial problems such as intentional obscuration, makeovers, etc. Under normal circumstances, as long as the vehicle passes through the monitoring area, the speed of the vehicle is not overrun, there is no problem in capturing the information of the vehicle, and the actual combat effect in solving the traffic business such as smart parking, vehicle deck, illegal driving, and illegal parking is very significant. And with the promotion and application of smart camera, the surveillance cameras covering large and small sections of the city can not only be used in traffic incident detection, but also can be combined with big data analysis technology, so that the vehicle identification technology can also be applied to master the city and highway sections. Real-time traffic flow provides technical support for the decision-making of “blocking and blocking” of important traffic roads.

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