SKF Bearings: Selecting the Elements of the Support Layout

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SKF Bearings: Selecting the Elements of the Support Layout

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1. How to constrain the orientation of the shaft; including radial and axial orientation is the first problem to be considered. More than doubled; usually the axial support layout; the two SKF bearings are defined together; in the right heart or angle touch bearing Effect of the radial bearing of the radial bearing; each azimuth axis. The axial displacement of the axial displacement by two mutual support constraints in one direction also supports the limited axial displacement in two directions; under normal conditions; The same method of operation is not the same as the axial positioning accuracy.
2. In the case of radial load and axial load, angular contact bearing and tapered roller bearing are often used to pair the bearing. The angular touch ball bearing is organized in three aspects. The opposite end is equipped with two bearings; The effect of the two load-bearing weights is not attributed to the bearing life. This is about supporting a large span of the tissue; when the steel cantilever shaft; when the shaft is elongated and heated; the outer ring is torn off; the shaft does not stay; Widely used. However, if the preload of the device is used; when the shaft heating will reduce the preload, the relatively narrow end of the two bearings; said the opposite device. Support the two forces point to support the scale. This layout is simple ; assembly and disassembly; easy to debug than its wider use is also the primary performance of the short axis and temperature; the organization is not high; but it is necessary to pay attention to the left guard clearance. The axial clearance should not be too large; the shaft passes the assembly; Accuracy. When the axial load is more demanding than the bearing is often accepted with the width of the bearing outer ring; the outer device is in a relatively narrow series. The bearing is at the same side bearing force point drop; so; the same Weaving; also called series. When using this organization; pay attention to layout and production; to ensure that the load acceptable to each bearing is as uniform as possible. Adjust the running precision of the SKF bearing clearance control shaft. The axial orientation adjustment of the shaft; to satisfy some special Gear drive required. For example: in worm drive; worm worm gear shaft is necessary to be centered on the center plane; to ensure its normal touch; this requires adjustment of the worm shaft in its axial orientation. In the bevel gear transmission; two bevel gear section cone tip cone The shape needs to be common; therefore, the two bevel gear shafts can be axially adjusted.
3. When operating the machine; the temperature of the adjacent part of the main shaft or shaft is higher than the temperature; therefore, the temperature is extended. In order to adhere to a sensitive shaft support layout design rotation; the axial positioning accuracy is satisfactory; the professor suggests that it is necessary to think about the shaft. The thermal demand is self-expanding. The axial and axial stretching methods correspond.
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