Steel-aluminum hybrid body advanced connection process

I. Introduction to the results

In order to ensure the structural rigidity and safety performance requirements of the whole vehicle, the Ranger X1 adopts a steel-aluminum hybrid body structure mainly composed of lightweight aluminum alloy materials and supplemented by ultra-high-strength steel plates. The proportion of aluminum alloy in the whole vehicle reached 88%. In the design of steel-aluminum hybrid body structure, a large number of steel-aluminum hybrid body joining processes are used:

1) Cold joining process such as self-pierce riveting (SPR), self-tapping screwing (FDS), bolting, riveting, riveting, etc.

2) Aluminum joint welding, laser welding, aluminum arc welding, aluminum stud welding and other thermal joining processes.

After years of technical accumulation, Ranger has successfully applied the steel-aluminum hybrid body connection technology in the body manufacturing of the Ranger X1, and the high standard has achieved the quality requirements of steel-aluminum hybrid body connection.

Second, the results of innovation and difficult problems to solve

Ranger Car achieved two major innovations when using the steel-aluminum hybrid body advanced joining process:

1) The combination of thermal connection technology and cold connection technology has complementary advantages;

2) Covers almost all body joining processes.

Solved four major difficulties:

1) Cold joining technology eliminates the influence of structural adhesive properties and damage to the coating;

2) Thermal connection technology, the unique technology of Ranger solves the problem of welding resistance between aluminum spot welding electrode and aluminum material;

3) Cold connection technology solves the defects such as signal loss caused by strong magnetic field interference caused by aluminum spot welding;

4) Self-tapping screwing can achieve the connection of the cavity structure.

Third, the international level comparison analysis

At present, there are two main directions for the connection of vehicles using steel-aluminum hybrid body structure in the world:

1) It adopts the connection process of self-piercing riveting, riveting, riveting, aluminum spot welding, etc., and does not use self-tapping screw connection, representing the model Tesla steel-aluminum hybrid body;

2) The self-piercing riveting, self-tapping screw connection and other connection processes are used to represent the Cadillac CT6.

On the basis of this, the Ranger X1 combines the characteristics of the body structure and performance, compares the characteristics of the cold joining process such as self-piercing riveting and aluminum spot welding, and optimizes the structural design to comprehensively use the above connection method. Its connection technology is at the world's leading level.

Fourth, the application of results

Ranger X1 steel-aluminum hybrid body advanced connection process, through three rounds, more than 300 sets (self-punching riveting 132 sets, aluminum spot welding and other joining process 200 sets) experimental verification and vehicle practical application verification, select the best The combination of the connection process is applied in the most suitable position, and has been qualified for 8 consecutive bodies.

V. Analysis of social and economic benefits

Ranger Car successfully applied advanced connection technology on the X1 model with steel-aluminum hybrid body structure, forming a complete database, which will lead the industry development and guide the direction.

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