Talking about the principle of commodity packaging

The shape of the device, the pattern of the picture, the entire packaging and decoration must have the correct ideological content, the artistic expression of the box beauty, and at the same time can set off the characteristics and nature of the tea products, so that consumers can know what tea products are inside. And feel very love. In addition, the product packaging container should be noticed when designing it.

The shape of the device, the pattern of the picture, the entire packaging and decoration must have the correct ideological content, the artistic expression of the box beauty, and at the same time can set off the characteristics and nature of the tea products, so that consumers can know what tea products are inside. And feel very love. In addition, the product packaging container should pay attention to its buffering effect when designing, to ensure that the product is not damaged, not scattered, and does not deteriorate before use, and the use value of the product can be smoothly realized.

3. The packaging container must be standardized and standardized.

The size of the package must have uniform specifications. The standardization of the goods is also conducive to the use of sales machinery. It is more suitable for supermarket sales, sales, and * good packaging design should be perfected in terms of composition, shape and color.

1. The composition of the product packaging should highlight the focus of product promotion.

To do a good job in the design of the exhibition, the composition should pay attention to the use of contrast, deal with the image, text, color arrangement of the primary and secondary and the contrast between the line and the surface, the layout of the logo, the text should be appropriate and focused.

2, the color and pattern of the packaging should be able to attract consumers.

Color can affect a person's mood, so the color of the product packaging needs to be tailored to specific products, and people around the world have different colors and patterns. Therefore, the packaging and decoration of goods must conform to the consumption psychology of people of all countries.

3, the packaging shape of the product must be beautiful, but also in line with the characteristics of the goods and consumption habits * the export of goods should also consider the international "popular"

For example, the tea cans produced and exported by Shantou are made of bamboo woven, cold-pressed and painted. The woven patterns are very delicate and beautiful, combined with traditional landscapes and flowers, and also used the lyrics on the books. Strong national characteristics. It is not only a package of tea products, but also a good indoor craftsmanship.

Commodity packaging is a tool to promote sales, so commodity packaging design should study consumer psychology, taking into account all aspects of sales.

1. The packaging cost of the product is compatible with the value of the internal commodity, and the appropriate packaging and decoration is determined according to the high, medium and low grades of the commodity.

Sometimes, a product package is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, so that customers are willing to pay a higher price to purchase, and the price exceeded may be much higher than the additional cost of the package. For example, ginseng is a valuable supplement, which should be equipped with excellent packaging. In the past, ginseng exported from China was mostly packed in wooden boxes or cartons, and the sales were extremely affected. In recent years, it has been changed into a small package, with wooden boxes and iron boxes inside, which gives people a sense of valuableness and extended the shelf life. Moreover, the small bag of ginseng sells for more than 23,000 US dollars per ton. Of course, a good product package is not necessarily expensive, and the packaging cost and the cost of the product must be properly proportioned.

2, the packaging of goods should pay attention to the name of the brand name, with appropriate literary instructions.

In order to gain a dominant position in order to gain a dominant position, it depends mainly on the quality of the goods themselves. However, the role of the trademark is also very important, it can play the role of safflower lining green leaves, so the packaging design should highlight the name of the brand name, use bright colors and patterns to promote the quality of this brand of goods, thus absorbing customers, so that It is convenient for consumers to identify purchases and expand their utility, thus increasing sales.

The transparent packaging and window-opening packaging currently used present the image of the product directly in front of the consumer, which is convenient for purchase. Some products that cannot be transparently packaged also highlight the image of the product as much as possible, leaving an intuitive impression on the consumer. Conducive to the realization of the purchase behavior, such as color physical photos (ie, photography packaging), so that the product image is clear and true.

The unitization and quantification of modern goods can facilitate consumption and promote sales. For example, the traditional export tea in China is made of plywood boxes, and twenty-five to thirty kilograms per box is not suitable for consumption. Now it is changed to small bags of tea. Convenient for consumption, and the price of small packaged tea is increased by an average of about 1,500 US dollars per ton. Like folding packaging, spray packaging, open cans, etc., it is popular among consumers because of convenient consumption. Played a great role.

5, commodity packaging should be suitable for individual consumption psychology in different regions of different ethnic groups, commodity packaging should be different from the consumer objects.

The people of our country are diligent and simple, and they have the essence and light form. Therefore, the packaging of the goods sold within the market is as practical as possible, not gorgeous, which not only lowers the price but also conforms to the national trend. However, the packaging of foreign sellers should be different. Because of the high consumption level of consumers in capitalist society, the packaging of economical products often mistakes the quality of goods and damages the “identity” of goods. Therefore, the packaging of goods should be specially studied. In the process of packaging goods, I often encounter 3 "this number is considered unlucky in many countries that believe in Christianity: in some countries in Asia, *4" is unlucky: in Singapore *4, 7, 8, 13 , 37, 69* should be avoided.

China's commodity packaging is still a weak link. With the continuous development of China's economy, the continuous improvement of the market economic system, and the importance of commodity packaging, the author believes that we should be based on "scientific, economic, solid, beautiful, The principle of "applicable" focuses on the technology of commodity packaging, and puts up the packaging of goods in China, completely changing the backward situation of "first-class goods, second-class packaging, third-class prices" in the past. The law can be used: after crushing The tea seed cake is mixed with 0.5% sodium carbonate solution in a ratio of 1:6, boiled in a large pot, and then left to the upper layer of lye, and then 10 times of concentrate, tea seed cake is used to remove toxins by detoxification. After fermenting and drying, it can be made into fish feed, which can not only promote long sputum, but also prevent diseases such as fish enteritis, rotten phlegm and bleeding. The specific method can be as follows: 100kg tea Xuan cake is pulverized into pieces, soaked in 1:1 cold water, and placed in a 1X0.5m soil pit to be sealed, until the tea cake is fermented to a gray-brown color, with bubbles and aroma, and then taken out. fish. Before feeding, the toxic effect should be checked. A small amount of fish can be tested. The fish does not die within 5 hours to 1 day, indicating that the drug is successfully detoxified and can be fed in large quantities.

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