Teach you how to identify the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows

Teach you how to identify the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows

【China Aluminum Network】 Nowadays, many home renovations will choose aluminum alloy doors and windows to decorate the house, but many homeowners do not understand how to identify the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows, then the installation of doors and windows how to identify it Quality? How to buy good doors and windows when purchasing? Palad's doors and windows teach you a few tricks!

1. The installed aluminum alloy doors and windows should be closed tightly with uniform gap; the parallelism between the door and window fan and frame or the adjacent edge of the adjacent fan should not exceed 2 mm. Be flexible and use it freely.

2, sliding doors and windows, see if the glideslope is installed flat, pay attention to not bump, gently push the doors and windows, should slide freely.

3. The vertical frame and horizontal frame of the balcony aluminum alloy window must be firmly fixed on the balcony railing and the top of the balcony, generally fixed with nails or rivets in the concrete, and the angle steel used for painting is fixed when fixed. Can not be fixed on the brick wall, can not use a wooden wedge up and down the vertical stand instead of nail gun fixed. The gap between the upper glideslope and the top guardrail should be filled with cement mortar to prevent rainwater from pouring into the room.

4. The wall thickness of aluminum alloy profile should not be less than 1.4 mm, and the wall thickness of the profile of the door should not be less than 2 mm. The thickness of the connection between the aluminum alloy door frame and the wall shall not be less than 1.5 mm.

Aluminium window shopping guide experts teach you to be a smart consumer

Buy first understand the classification and advantages of aluminum alloy windows

With the greatly improved living standards and the rising level of technology, aluminum alloy windows are no longer without style products. A variety of aluminum alloy windows have appeared on the market, and are widely used in home decoration due to their decorative features. Consumers must choose a high-quality aluminum alloy window, first of all need to have a certain understanding of it.

Part1: Purchasing first to understand the classification and advantages of aluminum alloy windows

The aluminum alloy window is a product that replaces the steel window earlier, and uses the aluminum alloy extruded section as the frame, the crucible and the fan material. The common aluminum alloy sliding window uses the aluminum alloy as the main material, and the sealing and the sound insulation effect are better than the steel window. It is also easier to process than pure wood windows and steel windows.

1, aluminum alloy window classification

According to the open classification: aluminum alloy window and other material windows can be divided into aluminum alloy flat open window (open, open), aluminum alloy sliding window, aluminum alloy hanging window (hanging, hanging, hanging), aluminum Alloy fixing windows are several of these. Aluminum alloy windows with different opening and closing methods each have their advantages and disadvantages, and are applicable to different spaces. Consumers can choose according to actual conditions.

Classified by profiles: Aluminum alloy windows can be divided into ordinary aluminum alloy windows and broken bridge aluminum alloys. The broken-aluminum aluminum alloy window is an improved window introduced on the basis of an ordinary aluminum alloy window in order to improve the window insulation performance. The heat conduction of aluminum is blocked by dividing the aluminum alloy profile into two parts inside and outside by reinforcing the nylon spacer. The aluminum alloy window of the broken bridge is superior in heat insulation and completely solves the problem that the common aluminum alloy window has fast heat dissipation and poor heat insulation.

2, the advantages of aluminum alloy window

Compared to other material windows, the major disadvantage of aluminum alloys is that they conduct heat quickly. However, the aluminum alloy window also has many merits to choose from.

Aluminum alloy window is made of aluminum material, light weight, high strength, and the density is only l/3 of steel.

Aluminum alloy windows have good sealing performance. Sealing performance directly affects the function of the window and the consumption of energy. The closed properties include airtightness, watertightness, heat insulation and sound insulation. Aluminum alloy windows have better airtightness, watertightness, and sound insulation.

Aluminum alloy windows have good durability and are easy to use and maintain. Aluminum alloy windows do not rust, do not fade, do not fall off, almost no maintenance, spare parts long life.

Aluminum alloy window decoration effect is good, aluminum alloy window surface has an artificial oxide film and coloring to form a composite film layer, not only corrosion resistance, wear resistance, a certain degree of fire resistance, but also very high gloss, generous appearance.

Part2: Purchasing a method based on the purchase of aluminum alloy windows

When consumers buy aluminum alloy windows, how to judge the pros and cons of the product. In order to facilitate the selection of products of good quality and good price, we can refer to some of the methods listed below.

Look at the material

Aluminum alloy window main materials generally include three aspects: aluminum profiles, glass, hardware, aluminum profiles used in high-quality aluminum alloy window wall thickness should not be less than 1.2mm, oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns; toughened glass Ordinary glass is better; Stainless steel hardware accessories (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.) are better than aluminum accessories.

Second look processing

High-quality aluminum alloy windows, fine processing, smooth tangent, the same angle (main frame material is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), in the splicing process should not appear more obvious gaps, good sealing performance, smooth switch. Inferior quality aluminum alloy windows, especially aluminum alloy outdoor window products, will cause sealing problems if they are not processed properly. Not only air leakage but also strong wind and large external force will cause the glass to burst and fall off.

Three look appearance

The window surface should not have obvious scratches, scratches, bumps, and other defects. The coloring surface of adjacent members on the window should not have a significant color difference. There should be no aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots, or other smudges on the surface of the doors and windows of the Schumacher, and there should be no spilled adhesive at the assembly joints.

Four to see performance

The performance of aluminum alloy windows usually consider the following aspects: strength, reflected in the choice of aluminum alloy window profiles, whether it can withstand high pressure; airtight, mainly reflected in the window structure, the window inside and outside the fan Whether the frame structure is tight, etc.; Watertight, the main assessment of whether the aluminum alloy window has water, leakage phenomenon; Sound insulation, which mainly depends on the insulation effect of insulating glass and other special soundproof airtight structure and opening and closing force, The durability of other window accessories such as opening and closing durability.

Five to see the price

Under normal circumstances, the price of high-quality aluminum alloy is 30% higher than that of inferior aluminum alloy window products. Inferior quality aluminum alloy windows usually use recycled aluminum extruded aluminum profiles containing large amounts of impurities. The aluminum profiles used have a wall thickness of only 0.6- 0.8 mm, both from the tensile strength and yield are much lower than the national regulations, this type of aluminum alloy window, especially the aluminum alloy outdoor window is not safe, so do not be cheap and contempt for the time of purchase The personal safety of yourself and others.

Part3: installation does not need to look at aluminum alloy window installation process

In the renovation, many owners have chosen to use aluminum alloy windows. The following will introduce the aluminum alloy window installation specification process. The general flow of installation of aluminum alloy windows is: marking positioning → installation of aluminum alloy windows over water → antiseptic treatment → installation of aluminum alloy windows in place → fixing of aluminum alloy windows → treatment of window frames and wall gaps → sashes and window glass Install → Install hardware accessories.

1, marking positioning

According to the installation position, size and elevation of the window in the design drawing, the window edge is measured to both sides according to the center line of the window. In the case of a multi-storey or high-rise building, the edge line of the top window shall prevail, and the edge line of the window shall be drawn down by a line drop or a theodolite, and the lines shall be marked at the windows of each layer, and the individual edges that are not straight shall be cut and chiseled. The horizontal position of the window should be the height of the floor + 50cm horizontal line up backwards out of the window of the skin elevation, bomb straight line.

2, aluminum alloy window water installation

Batch water refers to the section where the upper part of the window sash blocks the penetration of rainwater into the room. According to the requirements of the construction drawings, the hanging water shall be fixed on the aluminum alloy window, and the position shall be guaranteed and the installation shall be firm.

3, anti-corrosion treatment

When the design of the anticorrosive treatment on the outer surface of the window frame is required, it shall be processed according to the design requirements. If the design is not required, it can be painted with anti-corrosion coating or plastic film to protect it from contact with the surface of the aluminum alloy window, resulting in electrochemical reaction and corrosion of the aluminum alloy window. When installing the aluminum alloy window, the connector is preferably made of stainless steel. Otherwise, it must be treated with anti-corrosion so as to avoid electrochemical reactions and corrode aluminum alloy windows.

4, aluminum alloy window installed in place

According to the drawn window positioning line, install the aluminum alloy window frame. And timely adjust the horizontal, vertical and diagonal length of the window frame to meet the quality standards, and then temporarily fix it with a wooden wedge.

5, fixed aluminum window

When the iron is embedded on the wall, the iron feet of the aluminum alloy window can be directly welded directly to the embedded iron on the wall. The rust prevention treatment is required at the welding place; when the wall is not embedded with iron At this time, the metal legs of the aluminum alloy window can be fixed to the wall by metal expansion bolts or plastic expansion bolts.

6, the gap between the window frame and wall processing

After the aluminum alloy window is fixed and fixed, the concealed project shall be checked and accepted. After passing the inspection, the gap between the window frame and the wall body shall be treated according to the design requirements. If the design is not required, the elastic insulation material or glass wool felt strips can be used to layer the gaps, leaving 5~8mm deep slots on the outer surface to fill caulking ointment or sealant.

7, window fan and window glass installation

Window sashes and window glazings shall be installed after the completion of the decoration of the wall surface of the cavern wall. After the sliding window is installed and fixed on the window frame, the window sash with the good glass is placed in the inner chute, and the gap with the fan can be adjusted.

Part4: beautiful maintenance of aluminum windows daily maintenance

Many families now have aluminum alloy windows. The windows are the “eyes” of the house and play an important role. In order to extend the service life of aluminum alloy windows and maintain their aesthetic appearance, the windows of the Schumacher need to be properly maintained every day.

1, gently push lightly when using

In the process of using the aluminum alloy window, it should be lightly pushed and push-pulled smoothly; if it is found to be difficult and not to be forced, it should be eliminated first. Ash, deformation is the main reason for the difficulty of sliding aluminum alloy window, to keep the door frame clean, especially the cleaning of the slot. Vacuum cleaner can be used to suck the dust in the groove and door seal tops.

2, cleaning do not use strong acid cleaning agent

After the rainy weather, raindrops on the glass and window frames should be timely, paying special attention to the chute. If the chute is used for a long time, the friction force is increased. Add a little oil or a layer of wax oil. Aluminium windows can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in water or a neutral detergent. Do not use ordinary soap and detergent, and do not use detergents such as detergency powders and toilet detergents.

3, timely repair replacement seal

Sealing tops and glass adhesives are the key to guarantee the sealing, insulation and waterproof of aluminum alloy windows. If any, it must be repaired and replaced in time.

4, regularly check the parts are damaged

Always check the tightening bolts, positioning shafts, wind bracing, floor springs, etc., and replace the damaged parts and the vulnerable parts of the aluminum alloy window in time. To regularly add oil to keep it clean and flexible.

5, check whether the connection between the window frame and the wall is loose

Always check the aluminum alloy window frame wall joints, if ever loose, easy to make the frame as a whole deformation, so that the window can not be closed and sealed. Therefore, loosening of the screws at the joints should be fastened immediately, such as loosening of the screw footings, and application of epoxy glue to adjust a small amount of cement.

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