Tec-Sieve Flattened Expanded Metal Aluminium Mesh Pieces

Model NO.: Flattened Model
Stamping Expanded Metal Mesh Category: Expanded Metal Mesh
Specifications: Thickness
Weight: Light-weight
Plate Thickness: 1.8mm
Aluminum Grade: 1060
Trademark: Tec-Sieve
HS Code: 731450000
Tec-sieve Flattened Expanded Aluminium Mesh Pieces

Materials: Aluminum Plates.
Plate Thickness: 0.3mm-5.0mm
Grade: 1060, 3003, 5005 or 5052, etc.
Surface Treatment: Mill Finish, PVC-coated, Anodizing or PVDF coated. .
Hole Patterns: Diamond, square, hexagonal, round, triangle, scale hole. 

SWD (Short Way of Diamond) is the distance from the middle of the bond on one side to the middle of the bond 
on the opposite side. 
LWD (Long Way of Diamond) is the distance across the largest dimension of the diamond measured halfway 
between the diamonds. 
SWO (Short Way of Opening) is the width of the opening of the shortest side of the diamond. SWO does not include
the strand width, where SWD (Short Way of Diamond) does. 
LWO (Long Way of Opening) is the length of the opening of the longest side of the diamond. LWO does not include
the strand width, where LWD (Long Way of Diamond) does. 
Strand and Bond: Expanded metal is composed of strands and bonds. Strands form the sides of the expanded metal
openings. Bonds  are where the strands intersect. In other words, the bond is where each diamond shaped opening is
connected with  the next opening. 
Thickness is the measurement from the top surface to bottom surface of the expanded metal piece. 
Expanded metal Roll: That the specific length and width of the wound into the roll of steel mesh. 
Expanded metal sheet: The expanded metal that show specific length and width.

Type No.
Plate Thickness
Strand Width
SWO (mm) LWO (mm)
TS-0405/2.3-4 0.4 0.3 2.3 4
TS-0505/3.5-4 0.5 0.5 3.5 4
TS-0606/78 0.6 0.6 7 8
TS-081.2/816 0.8 1.2 8 16
TS-12/2030 1 2 20 30
TS-1.21.2/1225 1.2 1.2 12 25
TS-22.5/2550 2 2.5 25 50
TS-320/50150 3 20 50 150
TS-33/3060 3 3 30 60
TS-46/4080 4 6 40 80
TS-410/50100 4 10 50 100
TS-425/50100 4 25 50 100
TS-525/50100 5 25 50 100
TS-510/25120 5 10 25 120
TS-57/1560 5 7 15 60
As for any other specifications that are not present herein, we can customize them based upon practicable technical data from the clients!  


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