The mobile phone also plays with environmental protection bamboo clothes

The mobile phone also plays with environmental protection bamboo clothes

A smart phone that will be listed in the UK at the end of this year will not be astonishing about the procedures. It just wants to be environmentally friendly and the material will be bamboo.

According to foreign media reports recently, the phone's name is ADzero, which was invented by a 23-year-old British student. Reported that the mobile phone shell is made of bamboo of 4 years old bamboo, and after processing can improve its durability, and the volume is only half of the iPhone. In addition, the mobile phone uses Google's Android operating system.

Like most mobile phones, ADzero is equipped with a camera lens, and for the first time, it uses new technology of ring flash. It uses a flash of light around the lens to make exposure even and reduce shadows.

Inventors say

It is understood that the inventor of the mobile phone majored in product design at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom. He was dissatisfied with the single style of the mobile phone on the market, so he designed the bamboo intelligent machine ADzero using his spare time.

The inventor claimed that his own design was originally intended to focus on the Chinese market because bamboo is not only environmentally friendly but can also be sourced locally. However, his work was unexpectedly sought after and he decided to start production in Britain and Europe. (Compiled/Reporter Wang Jinyu Intern Tong Mengqi)

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