Three misunderstandings of indoor aluminum alloy door purchase

[China Aluminum Network] door, it is the front-line impression of homeowners, it is a face problem, visitors never enter the house to see the door. The door is not only a partition of space, but also shows the taste and pursuit of the homeowner. If used properly, it can complement the overall style of the home improvement. During the renovation, what kind of aluminum alloy door will you choose for your family? As a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum alloy doors in the living room, we stand at the consumer's point of view and purchase the aluminum door for your room to prevent customers from entering the market. Misunderstanding.

When buying aluminum alloy doors and windows must be bought pure aluminum alloy doors and windows home improvement, everyone wants to use the money on the knife, tailored, rational consumption, suitable for their own is better. If you re-material, like pure wood texture and economic affluence, you may wish to purchase solid aluminum alloy doors and windows. As we all know, real aluminum alloy doors and windows are mostly made from precious wood as the core, the finished door has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks, and thermal insulation. However, if you are more concerned with the overall style of home improvement and want a high cost performance, solid wood composite doors are the better choice. Solid wood composite doors can be called solid wood model doors. Compared to real aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is more plentiful and diverse: European style, Chinese style, simplicity, and natural... Different decorative styles give consumers a vast selection of space. High-grade solid wood composite doors not only have the characteristics of smooth touch, soft color, but also very environmentally friendly, durable. Advanced solid wood composite doors, whose door core is mostly high quality white pine, the surface is solid wood veneer, also not easy to deformation, cracking. In addition, solid wood composite doors also have thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics, and the sound insulation effect is the same as real aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Misunderstanding 2: bright colors, high-brightness surface paint more home to add vitality modern home decoration, people in the premise of meeting the living requirements are often more concerned about the visual stimulation of home design to people, constantly pursuing the popularity of materials and furniture The trendy degree of the model. Colorful colors and high-brightness surfaces delight your senses. At the same time, you may accidentally cause color pollution and light pollution, and endanger people's health!

Color pollution is not sensational, but it is a life information that interior decoration experts prompt to people: Living in bright colors for a long time can cause people's visual fatigue, which not only leads to loss of coordination of nerve function, body temperature, heart rhythm, blood pressure and so on. , but also cause dizziness, restlessness, decreased food, inattention, weakness, insomnia and other symptoms.

Light pollution Aluminum alloy doors with hidden hinges In the hardware of aluminum alloy doors, people mostly care about whether the door handles are beautiful, whether the grip strength is comfortable, and whether they are durable, but they ignore the quality and stability of hinges. In particular, businesses hide the hinge inside the door leaf in the name of beauty. Consumers cannot see or touch it. This not only creates a convenient condition for some merchants to “brand package”, but also lays a hidden danger for the use of consumers. Because the inside of the door hinge door, in the course of the use of the hinge break occurs if consumers accidentally check, accidents, the entire door will be shot down to the ground, maintenance can not be immediate return to the factory does not say, because The built-in reason for the page is to extend the repair time to one month or more, causing some inconvenience to customers. Therefore, when you choose the aluminum alloy door, in consideration of the big brands, try to choose the exposed hinge, which can save some unnecessary trouble.

According to the survey, young people prefer to use brighter colors in home décor to make the room look rich and bright. It can also make up for the lack of lighting to a certain extent. Without the guidance of professionals, it is easy to exceed the human body. The physiologically acceptable range of light causes light pollution and stimulates the retina of the human eye. According to Liu Shengde, an ophthalmologist at the Eye Hospital, he told reporters: Light people cause eye fatigue, severe cases can also cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, vision will fall sharply, the incidence of cataracts is 45% higher, and it is easy to cause dizziness, Upset, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, physical weakness and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia. Long-term exposure to various light pollution in the surrounding environment is also one of the major reasons why our country’s young people’s nearsightedness rate remains high.

Therefore, when selecting the aluminum alloy door, even if the color of the door panel is highly consistent with the overall color of the home decoration, for the sake of your health, please do not choose the aluminum door with the same bright color as the decoration. Even for the monochrome door panel, you must discard the high-brightness paint. Choose matt paint finish. Beware of color pollution and light pollution - "invisible killer" harm people invisible!

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