Villa decoration design considerations Villa decoration design considerations

Compared with general commercial housing, the decoration of the villa is not only a large amount of construction, but also requires a lot of money. Therefore, before the renovation, we must understand the villa decoration precautions. Then, what are the considerations for the villa decoration design ? Let's let Xiaobian introduce the villa decoration design precautions!

Villa decoration design considerations

1. Since the hollow floor of the villa is relatively high, whether it is the level at the time of division or the vertical at the time of stacking the walls, it is necessary to consider the information of the layered structure and the proportion of the height and the thickness of the partition wall. When class modification, precision estimation and cutting and other professional construction technologies are required, it is necessary to check whether the design company has “safety for structural construction and safety design”.

2, we must be careful to adopt the open kitchen design at home, we may wish to try a safe kitchen door opening method: one is a swipe door, which can put some sharp tools. Usually, the door is locked, and the opened door card is placed in the drawer on the right side of the cabinet. When the cabinet needs to be opened, it can be gently brushed with the card. The other is a straight-line design without a handle door, using the magnet adsorption principle to keep the appearance of the cabinet intact, and the dyke handles bring the scraping to the child.

3, many owners like to put a big bathtub in the toilet at home, but they do not know to purchase this type of bathtub, the floor needs a strong bearing. Therefore, we need to find a designer with rich experience and professional ability, let him determine the suitability of the large-sized bathtub by the capacity of the bathtub and the acceptance of the floor slab to ensure safety.

4. The power supply device of the villa is more complex and special than ordinary residential houses. Therefore, we need to find a designer with strong professional ability to install it. Before installation, the location of electrical appliances and sockets must be simulated by computers, and the location of electrical appliances should be reasonably distributed to facilitate practical use. In addition, the large-sized bathroom space is obviously separated by wet and dry, and electrical outlets are installed in dry areas as much as possible.

5. As we all know, as a harmful substance, formaldehyde seriously harms our physical health. Therefore, in the renovation, we can not only use the same material on the floor of the room on a large scale, but also reasonably estimate the amount of formaldehyde and the amount of decoration materials used in the room, and we can no longer pave the big core board under the floor. Or use a big core board for cabinets and heating hoods. In addition, it is better to use a paint film with a large thickness and good sealability.

The above is all about the contents of the villa decoration design , and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to the relevant information of this website. Xiao Bian will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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