What features do you know about Gigabit PoE switches?

With the continuous expansion of the application of network cameras, the application of intelligent data communications equipment such as POE switches is also growing. A Gigabit PoE switch is a switch that can provide the PD device with a network or can provide power to the PD device through a network cable. The following tells you the advantages of several Gigabit PoE switches.

1. Saving materials As for high-definition network cameras, for example, only two pairs of network cables between POE switches and cameras can transmit camera network signals, audio signals, control signals, and alarm signals at the same time and power the cameras at the same time. It is no longer necessary to pull power. Lines and installation of transformers will save power lines and transformers in construction costs.

2. Save labor when constructing, only need to pull a network cable to complete, it also saves a lot of labor, does not require a transformer also saves the installation cost of the transformer, and saves the wiring work of several joints and save the tape And welding work, reducing the point of failure, the use of POE power supply, only need to use a network clamp to click, you can complete all processes, which in today's era of over-loading materials, no doubt for the engineering company to save a lot of labor costs.

3, long-distance transmission using Ethernet transmission technology, with POE power supply switches and millions of HD cameras, POE power supply and network signals can be transmitted to 100 meters, which completely broke the myth of network cable can not exceed 100 meters, and more than 2 years Failure-free operation fully demonstrates the reliability of POE technology.

4. Convenient and quick use of our POE switches, not only with only a few POE power supply network ports, but also with the design of the upper optical ports, which can be cascaded up and down to facilitate users to use the optical fiber for long-distance use. This is based on customer needs. The design concept has been well received by all users.

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