Xi'an Jushang oil fume purifier-purification principle of environmental protection smokeless barbecue purification vehicle

The purification route of the environmentally-friendly smokeless barbecue purification vehicle incorporates today's leading technology, using comprehensive principles and technologies such as physics, electromagnetics, and microelectronics. A new generation of green and environmentally friendly products made with high-tech science and technology. It can be fast and efficient. Thoroughly purify the oil pollution, delay, dust particles, harmful gas, bacteria, germs, odors, etc. in the barbecue smoke, and discharge the standard gas.

Purification process: fire-proof mechanical filtration --- centrifugal separation --- mechanical filtration --- plasma purification --- protective net.

Its product principle and purification process:

The product adopts special filter screen and mechanical oil smoke separation principle to carry out double-layer high-efficiency purification of oil fume. The entire purification process: filter degreasing-oil fume separation-primary filter smoke-high efficiency filter smoke-direct low altitude Emission, no oil smoke at the end. Low altitude, environmental protection and high efficiency!

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