Yucheng Diamond Industry Development Road

Abstract I. The initial stage: the production of the workshop, the development of the Xinghuo Yuyuan Yucheng diamond industry began in the mid-eighties of the last century. At that time, there was a state-owned enterprise drawing die factory in Luancheng County. The raw materials for the production of wire drawing dies were mainly diamond powder. It is remote, science and technology are relatively backward...
First, the starting stage: workshop production, Sparks

The development of the diamond industry in Yucheng began in the mid-eighties of the last century. At that time, there was a state-owned enterprise drawing die factory in Luancheng County. The raw materials for the production of wire drawing dies were mainly diamond powder. Due to its small size, weak economic foundation and poor technology, the Yucheng County State-owned Wire Drawing Die Factory, which is remote and relatively backward in science and technology, has been plagued by the supply of raw materials and is even difficult to maintain. In order to reduce the cost of raw materials, under the leadership of the company leaders, a group of skilled workers began to study the processing technology of diamond micropowder to help enterprises tide over the difficulties, broaden the supply of raw materials, increase the added value of products, and effectively solve the problems of enterprise. In the past few years, a large number of technicians have become small experts in the production of diamond micropowder.

At the end of the 1980s, the tide of reform and opening up hit all corners of China. Private enterprises, private enterprises and family-run enterprises have sprung up. Various new ideas and new trends are shaking the hearts of every Chinese. At this time, Yucheng County Although the state-run wire drawing factory has a busy scene, the economic benefits have been declining, the capital chain has broken, the workers' treatment has been reduced, and some workers have left the enterprise to start their own businesses. At this time, a worker named “Li Jiandong” left the company and worked on diamond powder processing at home. He founded the first family-type diamond micro-powder processing enterprise in Yucheng County and became the first person in the processing of diamond micro-powder in Yucheng. At that time, the main process of diamond micropowder processing was grinding by ball mill, diluted in water and placed in plastic drums. The physical weight of the object was suspended in the water for different time, and the sedimentation was carried out. Finally, the most original coal stove was used for barbecue. Drying, processing into diamond micropowder.

"Ball mill, plastic barrel, coal stove" has become the main tool for the production of diamond micropowder in Yucheng County, and the process is simple, the products are sold well and the profits are abundant. Subsequently, a group of people like Zhao Sanyou, Li Guoshan, Shao Dayong and others also explored the processing of diamond micropowder, established their own family workshop-style enterprises, and innovated the processing technology to further improve the diamond micropowder production process. With the gradual improvement of processing technology, the micro-enterprises engaged in the processing of diamond micro-powder in Yucheng County have shown a blooming trend. By the end of the 1990s, the county had more than 100 enterprises engaged in the processing of diamond micropowder, employing more than 10,700 people and processing 2 billion carats of diamond powder. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, North America and Africa, and have become the famous “macro powder town”. ", is a large domestic diamond powder production base and distribution market.

Second, the transformation stage: facing difficulties, transformation and development

In the 1990s, for the people of Yucheng, it was a time of water. Many diamond micro-powder processing enterprises have punched and kicked, and even rolled up and brought out the first-class benefits in China, becoming a large diamond micro-powder processing enterprise in the country. The "hometown of diamond micropowder" was called for 10 years, but in the later market economy, Yucheng was ruthlessly left behind. Because of the backward operation mode, small scale, extensive management, rising costs, shrinking market, and low technological innovation capability, coupled with the rapid development of the diamond industry in other regions, the enterprises in Yucheng County are relatively scattered, and they have no synergy. The Yancheng diamond industry was once in a downturn. The output of diamond micropowder in Yucheng County began to decrease year by year, and the production technology gradually lags behind other post-development areas in China. What makes the city's diamond micro-powders feel a crisis is the problem of sales of products, lower profits, broken capital chains, and the possibility of production suspension or bankruptcy.

At the beginning of the 21st century, some diamond micro-powder processing enterprises who survived in the slits fully realized the problems faced in the development, and realized that taking technological innovation as the forerunner and accelerating the pace of reform with transformation and upgrading as the core became the key to solving the problem. First of all, a group of people represented by Shao Dayong, the founder of Xinyuan Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., in order to find sales channels for their own diamond micropowder, increase the added value of products, create profits for enterprises, and get out of the predicament. We began to work hard on the chain of elongated enterprises to transform into high-tech diamond products. At the beginning of 2002, Shao Dayong raised funds to register and set up “Yucheng Xinyuan Superhard Materials Co., Ltd.”. He hired a technical expert who produced diamond grinding wheels from high places, rented the factory as a production workshop, and started the production of diamond grinding wheels. Hong Xiangchao Hard Materials Co., Ltd. also started the production of glass drill bits; Huaxin Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. started the production of diamond grinding wheels. Some family workshop-style enterprises have transformed into the production of diamond products in order to get out of the predicament and become the first batch of diamond products in Yucheng, which has opened the way for the production of diamond products in Yucheng.

In 2006, in order to implement the “industrial strong county” strategy, Yucheng County set up an industrial park, based on the construction of basic supporting facilities, with soft environment construction as the guarantee, project construction as the carrier, and investment attraction as the entry point, focusing on The diamond industry with traditional advantages has increased the support for investment promotion and various preferential policies, providing opportunities and platforms for diamond micro-powder processing enterprises that are in urgent need of development at that time.

In April 2006, Yucheng County Xinyuan Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. seized the good opportunity and became the first diamond enterprise to settle in the industrial park. The Yucheng County Party Committee and the county government have increased their support for diamond enterprises in terms of land, capital and taxation. In the same year, five well-developed diamond enterprises, such as Hongxiang Superhard, Jinri Diamond, Zhongyuan Superhard, Zhongyu Superhard, and Jinxin Abrasives, entered the park. At the same time, diamond products enterprises have been further developed. Like the relatively large Yucheng Xinyuan Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., which mainly produces diamond grinding wheels, it has a certain influence in China. Yucheng County Hongxiang Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. mainly produces diamond drill bits, and the sales volume of drill bits accounts for a certain proportion in the country. It laid the foundation for the smooth and rapid development of the diamond superhard material industry in Yucheng County.

Third, the development stage: the government guides the foundry brand

In 2009, Yucheng County actively responded to the call of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to upgrade the original industrial park into an industrial agglomeration area, further increase investment promotion, infrastructure and corporate preferential policies, and in the industrial cluster area. The establishment of Yucheng County superhard material production base has further provided support for the development of the diamond superhard material industry. By the end of 2009, the number of diamond micropowder and product manufacturing enterprises in the industrial cluster has grown from 6 to 25, and the diamond industry's agglomeration has been initially realized.

In 2010, the Yucheng County Party Committee and the county government reviewed the situation and, according to the development needs of the diamond industry in Yucheng County, in line with the purpose of extending the diamond industry chain and further expanding the diamond industry, and introducing the new material group into the industrial cluster through investment promotion. The construction of the project has filled the blank of diamond single crystal synthesis in the diamond industry of Yucheng County, providing raw materials for more than 100 diamond enterprises in the county. At the same time, Huifeng Diamond Technology, Wanke Diamond Tools, Xiangtai Abrasives, Huaxin Superhard and other diamond projects have successively settled in the industrial clusters, realizing the scale expansion of the diamond superhard materials industry in Yucheng County.

Since 2010, the Yucheng County Party Committee and the county government have adhered to the development policy of “expanding the total amount, optimizing the structure, strengthening the backbone, cultivating the pillars, developing the leading and strengthening the strength” and “good and fast, better and faster, faster” The development requirements of the “fast” development, relying on the industrial agglomeration area, around the development and expansion of the diamond superhard material industry, through the implementation of the “four major strategies”, the transformation of the diamond industry from the diamond micronized processing base to the diamond industrial base.

(1) Grasping resource integration and promoting industrial agglomeration development. The first is policy support. With land support, the county will tap the new land use index, which is mainly used to guarantee the demand for land for diamond and product enterprises. Since 2009, it has provided more than 1,200 mu of land for diamond and product enterprises; financial support, increased financial credit support, and diamond The products and enterprises provide loans and credit funds of more than 10 billion yuan; equipment and plant concessions, the county government to build standardized workshops, subsidized loans to support enterprises to introduce new machinery and equipment; investment incentives, investment, technology, scientific research, affiliated according to diamond and product projects Elements such as the industrial chain will be negotiated in a “one case, one discussion” approach, so that small and technologically advanced projects can be brought in and survived. The second is to build a platform. On the basis of cultivating more than 10 leading enterprises such as strength and new materials, Huifeng Diamond Technology and Wanke Diamond Tools, it has invested 1.67 billion yuan to plan and build a diamond superhard material industrial park to guide diamond enterprises in the county. Develop, share utilities and public services, and achieve intensive operations. The third is to promote restructuring. According to the requirements of small workshops and large workshops, enterprises with low investment intensity and low construction quality will be relocated and rebuilt within a limited time. Through large-scale enterprises, mergers and acquisitions of small enterprises or joint formation of new enterprises will increase the investment intensity of enterprises. And technical level. At present, there is a common cooperation and mutual assistance relationship between diamond enterprises in the industrial cluster area of ​​Yucheng County. A large order can quickly deliver the goods in sub-packages, and can support each other in the off-season. The backbone enterprises can digest the products of similar enterprises, and the industrial layout is concentrated. High degree and strong correlation.

(2) Grasping the industrial chain and optimizing the industrial development structure. For many years, the output of diamond micropowder in Yucheng County has been accounting for more than 50% of the national output, but there are problems such as short industrial chain, low added value of products, and poor complementarity of the industrial chain, which is a two-way extension of the industrial chain. The first is to formulate industrial development plans. Specialized in the China·Yucheng Diamond Micropowder Industry Development Seminar, invited experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, Zhengzhou “Sanmo” Institute, Henan University of Technology and other institutions to participate in the development planning discussion and argumentation, and elaborated the “Dongcheng County Diamond High-tech The Technology Industry Development Plan defines the development goals of the diamond high-tech industry and formulates the industrial chain construction plan. The second is to carry out investment in the industrial chain. Around the upstream and downstream industrial chain of diamond micropowder, 10 investment groups will be formed, led by the county's four major teams to carry out the “10 roads, 100 points, 100 people” investment plan, which is aimed at hundreds of related industrial sites inside and outside the province. Relying on entrepreneurial investors, we launched a 10-way investment team, and hundreds of people went around to attract investment and achieve breakthroughs in the industry chain. A number of high-tech products such as Houde Diamond Technology, Smart Industrial Diamond and Zhengxin Diamond Technology have been settled in succession. The third is to optimize the industrial structure. With the strength of new materials, Wanke diamond tools as the leader, promote the development of carbon rods, synthetic diamonds and diamond jewelry in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Taking Huifeng Diamond Technology, Xinyuan Superhard, Hongxiang Superhard as the leader, we will promote the development of diamond products from high-end products such as medium and low-end abrasives to automotive cylinder grinding, high-speed rail grinding, aerospace materials and petroleum drill bits. Greatly increased product added value.

(3) Grasping technological innovation and helping the industry to transform and upgrade. The first is to encourage technological innovation. A technology innovation fund of 50 million yuan was set up to support enterprises in introducing new technologies, strengthening scientific and technological research and development, improving production processes, and improving product grades and added value. At present, the county's enterprises have 65 independent intellectual property rights, including 13 invention patents. The second is to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and research institutes. It has established a production, research and research cooperation base with more than 14 research institutes such as Henan University of Technology and Zhengzhou “Sanmo”. Up to now, Yucheng County Industrial Cluster has four high-tech enterprises including Power New Materials, Huifeng Diamond Technology, Hongxiang Superhard and Wanke Diamond Tools; and has built a new source and super hard diamond grinding materials and products engineering in Henan Province. Technical Research Center, Hongxiang Superhard Henan Province Superhard Powder Materials and Products Engineering Technology Research Center, Huifeng Diamond Technology Henan Province Submicron Superhard Material Powder Engineering Technology Research Center and other three provincial engineering technology research centers . Yucheng County Huifeng Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. has built the only nano-scale powder laboratory in the province. Yucheng County has the ability to integrate new product research and development, patent achievement transformation, diamond micropowder and product inspection and testing. The third is to speed up the construction of the talent team. Guided by the government, it has cooperated with Henan University of Technology and Northeastern University of Technology to introduce a group of high-tech talents. At the same time, strengthen the on-the-job training of technical staff, start professional training courses on diamond micro-powder and its processing technology, and train technical talents for enterprises. At present, more than 3,500 middle and above-level scientific and technological talents have been introduced, including more than 150 senior technical personnel, more than 30 postgraduates and 7 doctoral students.

(4) Grasping the brand building and calling it a “hard” business card. The first is to build regional brands. Focus on creating “China·Superhard Materials” regional brands, making diamond high-tech industry promotional video CDs, conducting extensive publicity in the Internet, TV stations and other media; organizing diamond industry promotion conferences, strengthening industry exchanges, and improving the popularity of the diamond industry in Yucheng County. The second is to call the famous brand of the company. Focus on more than 10 leading enterprises, and guide enterprises to continuously improve their technology, quality and marketing capabilities, striving for first-class brands and expanding market share. Encourage enterprises to actively participate in various types of professional exhibitions and economic activities in and outside the province, and promote industrial brands with corporate brands to form a synergy of brand building. Huifeng Diamond Technology Micro-nano-grade ultra-fine diamond micro-powder production technology is at the world's leading level, becoming the country's largest diamond micro-powder production enterprise; Power New Material Co., Ltd. has been identified as Henan Baigao Enterprise for two consecutive years, entering the same industry in Henan Province 20 Strong. Xinyuan, Hongxiang, Wanke and other brands have enjoyed high popularity and reputation in the industry.

Fourth, development prospects: technology support to build a base

In the past few years, Yucheng County has relied on the traditional diamond micropowder production resource advantage. By grasping the integration of resources, grasping the extension of the industrial chain, grasping technological innovation, and grasping brand building, the products have developed from the original simple micro-powder processing. Rod)—Diamond single crystal production—Diamond powder processing—Diamond product production” is a relatively complete industrial chain, and has achieved transformation and upgrading, reaching the high-grade powder column (carbon rod) for the production of high-grade diamond products. Scale production, special hard alloy extrusion production, professional production of precision mechanical parts and development and production of diamond abrasive tools. Diamond products have been serialized and standardized, with complete varieties and specifications, stable product quality, and some products have certain competitiveness in the international market. It is a processing base with a high degree of clustering in the diamond industry and a relatively complete industrial chain. Up to now, there are 57 diamond micro-powders and products enterprises in the industrial cluster area of ​​Yucheng County, including 24 industrial enterprises above designated size. The annual output of diamonds is 1 billion carats, the output of diamond powder is 4.5 billion carats, the number of diamond products is more than 700 million pieces (sets), and the output value has reached more than 6 billion yuan. Diamond micropowder production accounts for more than 70% of the national market. It has become a national advanced county for scientific and technological progress, a high-tech industrial base in Henan Province, a demonstration equipment manufacturing park in Henan Province, and a demonstration base for new industrialization in Henan Province. "Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Henan Province on Forwarding the 2012 Annual Plan of Action for Key Industrial Industries of Henan Province" (Yu Zheng Ban [2012] No. 24) documents included the Yucheng County Industrial Cluster in the three superhard materials One of the core areas.

In December 2012, the Yucheng County Industrial Cluster was approved by the provincial government as a provincial high-tech industrial development zone. On August 26, 2013, the Shangqiu National Superhard Materials and Products High-tech Industrialization Base, established by Yucheng, was demonstrated by the expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Undoubtedly, the development of the super-hard material industry in Yucheng County has ushered in new and better development opportunities. (Excerpted from "Fifty Years of China's Superhard Materials Industry")

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