Yuezi Club: China's most profitable industry, the mortality rate is as high as 30%

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The confinement is a tradition of China since ancient times. It dates back to the Han Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,000 years. However, in the rapid iteration of the commercial society, the commercial operation of the family-style confinement to the moon care is only less than 10 years.

These eight words constitute the basic origin of the development of commercial society. Starting from any basic point, they are a huge cake in the market. However, in contrast, the commercial ecology derived from “sheng” is not sufficient, and the emergence of the Yuezi Club has made the first batch of pioneers in this “virgin field”.

Upstart in the ancient city

Surprisingly, as an emerging industry, the most intense place for the monthly club is not Beishangguang, but Xi'an in Shaanxi.

In 2013, compared with the tens of millions of people, Beijing has more than 30 members, 20 million people in Shanghai, and Xi'an, a city of 8 million people, has as many as 50 Yu Jia.

Therefore, before going to the Xi'an investigation, I had a question in my heart: Why did the Yuezi Club develop so vigorously in the ancient city of Xi'an?

After seeing Shang Shengbin, the general manager of Jinyuehui Exquisite Moon Club, the largest monthly clubhouse in Xi'an, he asked this question. Shang Shengbin said: "The more ancient the city, the more people in the city attach importance to tradition, confinement The more this matter is valued."

Ma Weidu said that China's business and culture are inseparable, and Chinese business is largely driven by culture.

Civilization is converging, culture is different, and commercial civilization is no exception. The development of European and American businesses represented by Silicon Valley is driven by innovation; but in China, commercial civilization has evolved with the development of culture for a long time. Until the Internet era was introduced around 2000, innovation has become another major force driving business development. .

Xi'an, the oldest land in China, "all the artifacts dug out are all artifacts." Despite the changes of the times, the people in the ancient city still adhere to the tradition of the ancestors for thousands of years. Therefore, although the Yuezi Club is an emerging industry, the work that the Yuezi Club is engaged in is the “tradition” that is most acceptable to people.

From this point of view, Xi'an has become the birthplace of China's Yuezi Club industry, and evolved into a hot land of industry competition, it seems logical. After all, there are "users" who are most recognized for their industry missions.

It’s also prosperous, and its death is also rampant.

The first question was eliminated, and then a new problem appeared.

Shang Shengbin said that although the development of Xi'an in the month of the month is in full swing, like the Jinyuehui, it can be established for four years without falling, and the development of the month is not only the Jinzihui family.

As of the end of 2013, more than 50 Yuezi clubs in Xi'an, Jinyuehui family accounted for one-tenth. And the rest of the majority are just taking the banner of the last batch of dead. In this booming industry, the store mortality rate is as high as 30% or more. However, there are still a number of gold rushers.

Why is that?

Risk in profiteering

The business world has an eternal theorem: risk is proportional to income. The higher the risk, the greater the benefit, and vice versa.

Shang Shengbin introduced that the establishment of the month will have all two thresholds: one is capital, and the other is professional technology.

A month's club has invested millions or even more than 10 million yuan. Only this point determines that this is not a grassroots game. From the domestic status quo, it is possible to spend 10 million yuan to enter the market, nothing more than the background of real estate, hotels, restaurants, etc., and the relationship between the month and the child care. Therefore, it is already embarrassing to re-screen the team with professional skills from the attendees.

In Shang Shengbin's view, the Yuezi Club is different from other industries. This is an industry that cares for life. During the month, regardless of mother or baby, the body is extremely weak. At this time, the hygienic conditions and medical care requirements of the Yuezi Club are extremely strict.

But looking at the current situation of the domestic moon club, most have gone two extremes:

The first extreme is the community model.

After renting a few sets of private houses in the community, and hiring for a few months, they will hang on to the signboards of the Moon Club. What appeared in "Beijing Meets Seattle" is the workshop center of the month.

The second extreme is the hotel model.

This is an "upgrade version" of the community model. Long-term rental of several suites in the five-star hotel, borrowing from the hotel's premises, the traditional model of the moonlight is still under the appearance of tall.

These two modes represent the extensive development behind the rapid development of the Yuezi Club: the lack of professional medical care technology, it is difficult to protect the health of mothers and children during the month; there is no professional isolation measures, the probability of cross-infection is great; Postpartum recovery and baby's growth exercise.

In exchange for other industries, the initial barbaric development, after a period of market dividends, will then enter the shuffle brought by the industry Red Sea. However, the monthly clubs are different. The clients of the club are pregnant women and babies. The body is in an extremely sensitive period, and it is not allowed to be trial and error.

The frequent occurrence of accidents in the clubs in recent years is due to the lack of professional medical care technology. There is often a case of a security incident that can cause the Yuezi Club to close down, which is the main reason why the industry store mortality rate is so high. It is also these chaos that puts the industry in a gray area and impacts the development of the industry.

On the one hand, laymen can't see the risks in the industry, and they don't realize that they are “life-critical”. On the other hand, the monthly clubs are an excellent entry point for the maternal and child market, which contains huge profits and attracts them to risk gold. Therefore, despite the fact that the industry mortality rate is so high, there are still a batch of investors who are inrush.

In this case, under the risk, how to nugget?

The survival rule of the Yuezi Club

As the earliest group of people who “eat crabs” in the industry, Jinyuehui has not only had a safety accident in the past four years, and has not closed a store. Instead, it has grown against the trend when the industry develops bottlenecks, helping the “outsiders” in the country. "The development of 36 cooperative stores covering 15 provinces and 2 municipalities across the country, with more than 1,200 beds and an annual service capacity of 15,000 maternity and newborns.

As one of the few “survivors” in the industry, Jin Yuehui’s survival rules are worth learning.

In Shang Shengbin's view, Jin Yuehui's success has benefited from three points: one is professional, the other is system, and the third is trend.

At the beginning of the establishment of Jinyuehui, it was clearly positioned as “the leader of the China Medical Care Month Club”. Cut into the industry with "health care", the first "three-a-class hospital standard service system", "three patents", "five major guarantees", "eight unique" as its specialty; its original maintenance space SOP construction system, with the only digital management system in China The only system with maternal and neonatal risk prevention and control system and the intensive nationwide club of 15 provinces and 2 municipalities is a powerful system; the maternal and child care industry in the month is a national health industry, which is a hot spot in the Internet and IT industry. After that, another industry that continued to heat up, the State Council issued the “Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Development of Health Service Industry” in 2013, and Article 5 clearly stated that “the standardization of maternal and child care services” was implemented, and one person could no longer afford a team. A team can't resist a system. A system can't resist a big trend. Jinyuehui already has a mature team and the system is in line with the big health development trend. Jinyuehui will definitely create history!

The reason why the death rate of the Yuezi Club is so high is because of the lack of professional medical care technology and system management. With the support of professional medical experts, Jinyuehui has formed the integration standard of “medical, nursing, raising and teaching”. The system minimizes the health risks of mothers and babies.

“Which month club can survive in the market, in fact, it has been decided from the decoration design.”

According to Shang Shengbin, Jinyuehui has strict requirements for the decoration design of the Yuezi Club. It is different from the hotel and is different from the hospital. It is warmer than the hospital and more professional than the family. It is our service requirement for the clubhouse. To visually bring maternal and baby comfort, but also to provide them with the ultimate care.

"The window of the Jinyuehui Moon Club can not be opened, it is to prevent maternal winds, but also to prevent other accidents in the mother's postpartum depression."

"The bathroom for pregnant women should be dedicated, and there should be handrails and emergency call buttons next to the toilet."

“Baby six months ago couldn’t tell the color, and the baby sitting room ceiling should be black and white to stimulate the baby’s visual development.”

A seemingly simple month club, Jinyuehui is divided into 29 functional areas according to function. From the reception to the maternal and child care, every inch of space is used to the extreme, and the probability of one in ten thousand during the month is likely to occur. Events are taken into account.

After a deep understanding, it was discovered that a qualified month club, only space decoration design, is a huge project.

In addition, the lack of professional talent is also an important factor hindering the development of the industry.

In response to this, Jinyuehui has developed a “3+1” management model and unified the core team of “1 store manager + 3 technical supervisors” to the cooperative store. The store manager is responsible for coordinating, and the three technical directors are responsible for marketing, technology and sales.

In cooperation with cooperative stores, investors solve the funding problem, and Jinyuehui solves professional and technical problems, from shop site decoration to post-employment training.

This kind of cooperation has solved the two thresholds of the “funding + professional technology” of the Yuezi Club. Despite the high technical requirements, laymen can still be the shopkeeper, and Jin Yuehui also quickly opened the national market.


Running the oldest traditions in the most modern mode, the Moon Club is changing traditions while continuing the tradition. However, from the perspective of industry development, tradition does not mean old-fashioned, nor does it mean simple and crude. Only professional and scientific management can truly inherit the tradition and truly benefit the public.

For more information on Jinyuehui, please poke: http://vip.sj998.com/115573/

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